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The Analysis of Research Data

The SRDQ data analysis web page makes it possible to use your Internet browser to easily perform a wide range of functions, from frequencies and cross tabulations to multivariate analysis. SRDQ currently uses WebApp Framework from SPSS Japan Inc. For detailed information on performing analyses, please see Using the Analysis Page.

Please also see the Guideline for information about the terms and conditions for utilizing analysis results, etc., obtained from SRDQ.

Searching for Questions

The HOME search form can be used to search for questions and response categories contained in any of the questionnaires entered into SRDQ. Searches can be performed using Boolean logic (AND and OR), and separate searches can be conducted for questions and response categories. It is also possible to easily verify what types of questions were used before and after the questionnaires. For additional information about using the various search functions, please see Using the Search Page