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1. Protection of Privacy
When performing data analyses, please do not perform any type of analysis that could identify the individual research subjects.

2. Clarification of Source
When announcing or publishing the results of analyses performed with SRDQ, please be sure to clearly indicate the source of the information. See the "Overview of the Research" page for each research for details about how the source information is to be listed.

3. Submission of Presentation Material
When SRDQ has been used in the drafting of papers, reports, etc., we ask that you forward us two printed copies of the paper. Please send the copies to the following address.
SRDQ Office
Advanced Studies on Information Society and Conditions
Advanced Studies of Human Sciences
Graduated School of Human Sciences
Osaka University

4. Contact Information
For inquiries related to the researches, please contact the SRDQ Office. Please do not directly contact the representative or group that conducted the research.

5. Miscellaneous
If you have any problems or difficulties with this website, please notify the SRDQ Office.

6. Exemption from Responsibility
In the event of any type of disbenefit or disfavor occurring as a result of the use of SRDQ, neither the representative or group conducting the research nor the SRDQ Office shall assume any responsibility or liability.