List of Questions
Social Stratification and Mobility (SSM95A)

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First of all, let me ask you a few questions about yourself.
Q1(1) Gender
        1   Male
2   Female
Q1(2) What is your date of birth?
        Taisho/Showa year_month_day_
Western calendar year_month_
Q2 When you were 15 years old, how many siblings, including yourself, were there in your family? Do not count any children who were deceased at that time. What was your position in the family (e.g. eldest, second eldest, etc.)? And what was your position among siblings of the same sex (e.g. second eldest son, third eldest daughter, etc.)
        Number of children_
Of which respondent was number_
Position among siblings of the same sex_
Q3 When you were 15 years old, which of these items did your family have? Please tell me all of the items on the list that your family possessed.
        1(a)   Own home
2(b)   Own bath
3(c)   Radio
4(d)   Television
5(e)   Refrigerator
6(f)   Bicycle
7(g)   Car
8(h)   Piano
9(i)   Telephone
10(j)   Living room suite
11(k)   Complete sets of literature/picture books
12(l)   Stocks or bonds
13(m)   Artworks/antiques
14(n)   Holiday home
15   None of the above
Q4 Looking at the categories on this list, please tell me about your current work.
Q4a Broadly speaking, which of the categories on this list does your work fall into?
(Employment status)
        1(a)   Business executive, board member
2(b)   Permanent full-time employee
3(c)   Temporary or part-time employee
4(d)   Employed through a temp agency
5(e)   Self-employed, freelance
6(f)   Employed in family business
7(g)   Home worker --> ask only e then skip to Q7
8(h)   Student --> to Q7
9(i)   Not employed --> to Q7
Q4b Would you mind telling me the name of your place of employment?
(Name of place of employment)
Q4c What kind of business is it?
(Type of business of place of employment)
Q4d Approximately how many employees are there in the whole company (including family members)?
(Number of employees)
        1(a)   1
2(b)   2 - 4
3(c)   5 - 9
4(d)   10 - 29
5(e)   30 - 99
6(f)   100 - 299
7(g)   300 - 499
8(h)   500 - 999
9(i)   More than 1000
10(j)   Government office
Q4e What kind of work do you do at your place of employment?
(Content of respondent’s work)
Q4f Are you in a management or supervisory position? (If so) Please tell me your actual title. Which of the items on this list is it roughly equivalent to?
(Management title)
        1(a)   Not in management or supervisory position
2(b)   Supervisor, foreman, team leader, charge hand
3(c)   Assistant manager or equivalent position
4(d)   Section manager or equivalent position
5(e)   Department/Division manager or equivalent position
6(f)   President/CEO, board-level executive/director
Q5 How did you find your current job? Please tell me all of the items on the list that apply.
        1(a)   Introduced by a teacher at the school I graduated from
2(b)   Introduced by an alumnus of the school I graduated from
3(c)   Introduced by a close friend
4(d)   Introduced by a friend or an acquaintance I see occasionally
5(e)   Introduced by a friend from my hometown
6(f)   Introduced by a family member/relative
7(g)   Introduced by Employment Service Agency
8(h)   Introduced by a private placement agency
9(i)   Applied directly in response to a help wanted ad
10(j)   Took over the family business (or entered the family business)
11(k)   Started my own business
12(l)   Headhunted/invited to join the organization
13(m)   Introduced by my previous employer
14   Other (Specify_)

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