Overview of the Research
Work and Personality (Japan Men)
Representative of Research NAOI Atsushi & KIKKAWA Toru
Mode of Data Collection face-to-face interview method and leave-and-pick-up survey
Start Year and Month of Research ,
Gender of Population Men
Subject Family, Culture/Religion/Morality, Social Change, Life Structure, Class, Social Stratification, Social Mobility, Social Psychology/Social Consciousness, Leisure/Sports
Papers and Reports
Clarification of Source Publication based on the results of analyses performed with SRDQ should acknowledge those sources by means of bibliographic citations. The bibliographic citaion for this research is:
  • NAOI Atsushi & KIKKAWA Toru, , , "Work and Personality (Japan Men)" SRDQ Office ed. SRDQ: Social Research Database on Questionnaires (http://srdq.hus.osaka-u.ac.jp, [date of performing analysis])
This citation must appear in footnotes or in the reference section of publications.

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