Overview of the Research
Japanese General Social Surveys (JGSS-2012)
Representative of Research TANIOKA Ichiro & MAEDA Yukio
Name of Research Group JGSS Research Center
Sampling Procedure A multi-stage stratified random sampling
List for Sampling Residential Basic Book
Mode of Data Collection face-to-face interview method leave-and-pick-up survey
Data Collector Research Company
Start Year and Month of Research 2012, 2
Area of Population Japan
Gender of Population Men and Women
Age of Population 20 - 89
Sample Size 9000
Number of Completed Responses 4667
Response Rate 51.86%
Subject Culture/Religion/Morality, Social Change, Social Welfare/Medical, Community, Social Pathology/Social Problem, Education, Population, Political/Omternational, Social Group/Organization, Economic, Family, Environment, Social Movement/Collective Behavior, Leisure/Sports, Gender/Generation, Communication/Information/Symbol, Social Psychology/Social Consciousness, Rural Society, Class, Social Stratification, Social Mobility, Legal, Social Planning/Social Development, Management/Industry/Labor, Life Structure
Papers and Reports

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